The canvas to unleash your creative potential

Whether you’re an artist, writer, influencer, or just a free spirit, we've built platforms that give power back to you, the content creators. Grow, monetize, and create your tomorrow with Graviton.

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Fund your artistic vision.

Create your own social token for your fans in just a few clicks. It’s okay if you have 1 follower or 69 million, at Hadron we want everyone to be a star ✨. Our site allows anyone to set up their own digital economy for their work, easy peasy.


Launch your brandable asset

We understand "blockchains" can be intimidating and not knowing where to start is a huge obstacle to success. Hadron simplifies the process and allows you to focus on the good stuff. No coding necessary.

Own your narrative

Hadron was founded by artists and creators and we recognize the importance of giving users total control of their content and data. We're here to help you take back your future.

Evangelize a movement

The tokens you mint are your guiding stars in this Web3 art space. They allow you to engage with fans in new ways, unlock new experiences, and initiate deeper connections.


Video streaming without borders.

Xeenon was created to give everyone a stage to be seen, heard, and paid for the creative magic they choose to blast into the metaverse.


Monetize on your terms

You’re in control of what to charge per stream and will always receive the biggest piece of the pie. We believe in giving content creators full control over monetization of their videos.

Build your fanbase

Our video streaming service directly connects artists and their audiences without any gatekeepers in the middle. Pure freedom to watch, share and cultivate an adoring community.

Visibility unlocked

Xeenon levels the playing field and empowers new creators to shine. Anyone with video talent can turn their passion into a sustainable revenue stream.

NFT Display

Create playlists for your NFTs and showcase them on any screen. A delightfully effortless app that lets your NFT collection shine.

NFT Storage

An IPFS pinning application that connects to the Universe backend to download your RAW data for your NFT.